President Trump proposed a bold new plan to save American taxpayers money and further drain the Washington swamp.

At a Saturday Homeland Security meeting and buffet, Trump proposed a plan where he would issue firearms to qualified White House staff to double as security in addition to their usual White House duties. Trump also indicated he would be willing to carry a gun and take firearms safety training himself.

“I have a lot of great talented people,” Trump said,”the best people, who own guns and really really want to help out around here. You have a lot of bad hombres trying to get in here and I think, I really believe, if they knew my two sons, who are, by the way, very experienced in killing large animals, were in here and armed they would think twice before messing with Trump.”

President Trump who never served in the military because of painful bone spurs also said he would be willing to carry “all the best guns” and submit to firearm safety courses and training. Trump said he already had facilities for the training at his Mar-A-Lago Country Club and could take the courses in between golf rounds.

When asked what would become of White House police and the Secret Service Trump indicated they would either be reassigned or laid off. Possibly to bolster security at Trump Tower in New York and some of his other properties.

Vice President Mike Pence has already applied for conscientious objector status

Fox News reached out to W.H. Chief of Staff John Kelly for clarification but Kelly declined to comment, shook his head, rubbed his chin and walked away. The Secret Service also declined to comment.

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