Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper looks to be the CBS newsmag’s best since Steve Kroft’s interview with Barack and Michelle Obama in November 2008, shortly after he was elected president, based on overnights.

That decade-old interview had attracted 24.5 million viewers, with all three segments devoted to the president-elect and his wife.

President Trump took to Twitter after the interview apparently thrilled by the ex-porn actresses performance. “60 Minutes ratings very low and very sad until my girl Stormy appeared to talk about Trump and his spanking.Highest ratings in 10 years. You’re welcome CBS.”, Trump tweeted.

Trump reportedly had to be corrected by aides when he was going to announce that Stormy actually had the highest rating of any American television show since ‘The Apprentice’.

Sunday’s 60 Minutes hit 16.3/27 in the 56 Nielsen metered markets – a big night for Stormy, being way up compared with previous Sunday’s 7.6/13. Back on November 16, 2008, the Obamas’ interview clocked a metered-marked 17.4/26.

Cooper’s taped interview with Daniels will repeat tonight on his CNN primetime show, AC360.

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