What do you think about President Trump’s remarks on Police violence?

Trump delivered a combative law-and-order speech in New York Friday, calling gang members “animals”, “thugs”, and praising law enforcement for being “rough.”

Speaking before law enforcement officers, Trump praised the aggressive tactics of immigration officers and suggested that police shouldn’t protect the heads of handcuffed suspects being put in the back of a car.

President Trump’s admonition that the police should not be “too nice” while transporting suspects drew laughter and cheers from a crowd of officers on Friday, but police officials swiftly made it clear they did not find the words funny.

Saturday morning the President reportedly seemed to be confused as to why anyone would be offended and claims he was “just joking”.

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci spoke to Fox News Saturday morning downplaying the President’s comments.

“I’m so f**king tired of all this f**king fake news bulls**t”, Scaramucci told Fox and Friends Weekend, “these f**king c**kcuckers always have to make a big deal out of nothing. President Trump was just busting balls. He’s always busting balls. He’s a funny f**ker. He cracks me the f**k up all day long. Guy can’t even make a joke without everybody going ape s**t. F**king c**ksuckers. I wish I could get every one of them fired.”

The police statement in the suburb where Trump spoke added, “The Suffolk County Police Department has strict rules and procedures relating to the handling of prisoners, and violations of those rules and procedures are treated extremely seriously.”
Suffolk County police have been under Justice Department oversight since 2013, after a federal investigation exposed a pattern of anti-immigrant violence.

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