President Trump under pressure from angry, grieving students from a Florida high school where a gunman killed 17 people, ordered the Justice Department on Saturday to issue regulations banning gun sales to all known fans of the controversial rock band ‘Insane Clown Posse’.

Fans of the Band, known as ‘Juggalos’ have been under scrutiny by the FBI over the past few years for being suspected terrorists and have been labeled as a ‘violent gang’ by law enforcement authorities.

In 2013 ,police investigators and FBI raided the home of 24 year old Montevideo, MN resident and known Juggalo Buford “Bucky” Rogers. In the home, they found various guns and homemade explosive devices, including bombs and molitov cocktails. Rogers, who has a previous felony burglary charge, was arrested.

Trump said that this and instances where other mass shooters, such as Adam Lanza and Nicholas Cruz, have been proved to be ICP fans show that Juggalos are violent terrorists and need to be disarmed.

“All these Jiggalos,” Trump told Fox News,” and I’m sure there are some good ones, great great music, I listen to it myself, but I would rather take the guns away from these violent terrorists first, and let the courts decide if they are the good ones later.”

Last week, Mr. Trump signaled that he was open to supporting legislation that would modestly improve the national gun background check system, and on Tuesday night, he posted on Twitter that Democrats and Republicans “must now focus on strengthening Background Checks!”

But Mr. Trump’s first embrace as president of any gun control measures was dismissed by gun control supporters as minor. The National Rifle Association supports the background check legislation and also backs bump stock regulation, although not a ban on Insane Clown Posse Fans.

“I have painted my face and gone into the mosh pit with my gun many times.”, said NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch at a press conference, “it didn’t matter how much weed I had smoked or what everybody was on, the Juggalos are a family, not a gang. It’s all about getting high and having groups sex, not shooting people. I have been to many Gathering of the Juggalos Festivals and I can’t remember that many people getting shot.”

White House spokesmen told reporters that statements would be allowed by both the ICP Band and by the Juggalos for Allah, an alleged Muslim fringe group associated with the band.

“Stuttering Ray” Blowchunks (real name unknown), spokesman for Juggalos for Allah is disappointed by the announcement but said he will not “let it kill his buzz.”

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,” Blowchunks told Fox News,”we ain’t a gang, we’re a fam. I’m not real worried about it though. Most Juggalos can’t even afford to buy a gun. I got my dad’s pistol once and traded it for a bag. Boy was he pissed. It’s probably best we don’t have guns. We would just shoot each other and do stupid sh*t with them and stuff.”

Blowchunks made the news in 2015 when he sued the FBI for “mental duress” when investigators allegedly tried to confuse his during a terror investigation by locking him in a round room and telling him to urinate in the corner.

Insane Clown Posse could not be reached for comment.

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