What do you think about a story leaked to the New York Times that alleges White House staff have been sworn to secrecy over a rumor that President Trump’s son Barron has been exhibiting Transsexual tendencies?

The story, which will run this morning, alleges President Trump may have proposed his new ban on Transgenders in the military because he would not want Barron to have to serve in case of a national military draft being implemented.

According to the Times, White House sources allege that over the past few months, Barron has been seen in his mother’s bedroom trying on her clothes and makeup.

First Lady Melania Trump admitted that the 11-year-old had been doing this for “a while now” but downplayed the incidents as “locker room play” and told Fox News that it didn’t concern her as she has also seen the President wearing her clothes on several occasions.

Transgender people can continue to serve in the military for now, Pentagon leaders said on Thursday, scrambling to clarify the confusion surrounding President Trump’s abrupt announcement a day earlier that transgender people would no longer be accepted or allowed in uniform.

Senate leaders are furious at the President’s lack of communication.

“I have seen no evidence”, said Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), “that transgender people have caused any disruption in the military as President Trump suggests. There are many of them in the navy and those guys don’t mind. They work together. They play together. They shower together. They put on those tight little sailor shorts and flex thier big sweaty hard muscles together. They serve with dignity and we need to support them.”

The White House vigorously denies any rumors that the President’s son is a transgender or has any tendencies other than that of a normal 11 year old boy.

“I want to know where these f**king leaks are coming from.”, White Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci told Sean Hannity in a phone interview, “I mean sure, the kid is a little weird. maybe I saw him in a dress once or twice but who cares? He’s a kid. I mean yeah, I’ve seen him eating his boogers a few times but you know. Kids do that. I mean he’s kind of creepy and weird but he ain’t no fruit. It’s not like he sits around the White House sucking his own c**k like other people we know.”

The New York Times says it stands behind it’s story and will not divulge it’s sources to Scarmucci or anyone else.

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