Addressing Michelle Obama’s remarks about slaves having built the White House, Bill OReilly said Tuesday on his Fox News program that those slaves were well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.

His comments drew swift rebukes online. He fired back on his Wednesday program, saying that the nations first president provided slaves with meat, bread and other staples and decent lodging.

It all began in a 90-second segment near the end of The OReilly Factor on the Fox News Channel on Tuesday night, when Mr. OReilly delved into the history of the White House dating to George Washingtons selecting the site for it in 1791.

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After a tumultuous week in the Presidential election, Julian Assange has released another bombshell.Wikileaks has released a group of photos allegedly hacked from John Podesta’s emails showing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton grabbing a man’s crotch.

“You can clearly see”, Assange told a French news outlet,”Hillary has grabbed on the man’s balls.All Donald Trump has done is talk about grabbing women and they call him a rapist.They tried the same thing with me.Look,tripping on the rug and your fingers accidentally winding up in a woman’s coocoo is not rape.What Clinton did is.”

On The Kelly File Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson told Megyn Kelly that this was proof of the Clinton’s deflection of their own sexual habits on to Donald Trump.

“We have a picture all the Clintons have is dozens of women all making things up so they can be guests on CNN.”,Peirson said,”Donald has always been a gentleman with me and has assured me that every time his hands wound up on my genitals it was an accident.”

What do you think about Wikileaks and the alleged interference in this election by the Russian Mafia? Join us all this week on Fox News, America’s Election headquarters.

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Donald Trump claims to cherish women, but his actions and words might suggest otherwise.

Fox News Megyn Kelly called him out on his sexist behavior during the GOP debate on August 6, reminding him: You have called women you dont like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.

Now the Trump campaign has again offended Feminists and other man haters by releasing a t-shirt that has raised controversy.

The shirt, released last week depicts Trump and Clinton with the caption reading “Bros before Hoes” suggesting the former Secretary of State is a whore.

Fox News contributor Karl Rove took to the airwaves to dispel any rumors that calling women whores is inappropriate.

“It’s all part of a sick anti-man, anti Christian agenda.” Rove told Fox News,”They was to emasculate us and take our manhood away.We even see it right here at Fox. Megyn Kelly complained to management that I myself was harassing her just because I accidentally brushed up against her and kept accidentally touching her breasts.These girls show up at work in these cute little dresses that Roger Ailes picked out for them and get mad because we say they are attractive and want to touch their bodies? If they don’t like it why don’t they put some clothes on?”

The Clinton campaign said the shirt is sexist and vulgar and wants it to be discontinued.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said the Republican presidential candidate has no intention of caving to the pressure and said women need to “lighten up”.

“Look the shirt is a joke. Not meant to be taken seriously, “she told Fox news,”All these silly young girls like to pretend they hate that word. Everybody know in the bedroom we love for mean to treat us rough and call us hoes like that. I sure do.”

Join Fox News tonight as Bill O’rielly discusses woman’s issues and the PC nightmare with culture warriors and trump supporters Mike Tyson and Scott Baio. Don’t miss a minute this week on Fox News.

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