Workers in New Orleans dismantled the city’s Jefferson Davis monument early Thursday, removing the prominent statue of the Confederate leader that had stood for more than 100 years.

As workers slung a strap around the statue’s waist and lifted it off its pedestal, at least 100 people cheered from across the street, outnumbering the few dozen protesters of the removal, some waving Confederate flags.

“This historic moment is an opportunity to join together as one city and redefine our future,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said as he announced that crews had begun removing the statue, the second of four planned removals of Confederacy-related monuments.

The Mayor also made an announcement that the statue would be replaced with a bronze statue of the 44th President Barack Obama.

“It will be nice”, Landrieu said, “to see a monument to our first African-American President in the same spot that used to be a place to memorialize old racist White privilege.”

The Obama statue will be patterned after one erected in Kenya last year and will reportedly cost the Louisana taxpayers an estimated $800,000 dollars.

Like an earlier removal, this one was performed in the dark because of death threats against city officials and contractors.

Beaureguard Billy-Bob Johnson, one of the leaders of the opposition was outraged by not only the statue being taken down but the fact that it occurred in the middle of the night.

“We would have preferred it to be in the daytime,” Johnson said, “so everybody could see what they are doing the light of day. And I really hate coming downtown at night with all the darkies afoot and everything.”

Before the monument could be removed, police had to clear the immediate area of demonstrators — both supporters of the monuments and those who want them taken away. Barricades were used to keep the sides separated, reported. The news outlet said chants by monument supporters included “Where’s Mitch?” while opponents chanted, “Hey hey, ho ho, white supremacy has got to go.”

As Fox news reported earlier, the mayor’s plan calls for the Davis statue to be melted down and cast into smaller statues of Black Lives Matter leaders.

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President Donald Trump’s controversial firing of FBI director James Comey not only caught the media and members of Congress off guard but apparently also his own staff.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer hid behind bushes on the White House grounds for several minutes on Tuesday evening as the White House press corp sought answers to the unceremonious firing.

Spicer emerged from the bushes after a press office executive assistant said he would answer reporters’ questions so long as they didn’t film him, according to The Washington Post.

“Just turn the lights off. Turn the lights off,” Spicer told the reporters. “We’ll take care of this. … Can you just turn that light off?”

This set off a firestorm of disgusting twitter and Facebook posts mocking the distinguished Press Secretary.

From jokes about George W. Bush to well-edited GIFs, the memes and tweets offered insight and possible answers to the many questions people have. “Why was Spicer in the bushes? Did he think no one could see him? Is he still there? No, seriously, where the heck is he? Is he officially a Spice Girl now? Is there a photo of him in the bushes? Because that would really, ah, spice up my life.”

On Wednesday evening Spicer finally spoke to the press to answer questions about his conduct.

“Look you people, you always blow everything out of proportion,” Spicer said from The White House briefing room, “I go into the bushes to take a leak and everybody thinks I’m hiding.What do you think I am some kind of snowflake liberal that needs a safe space? Can a man pee in peace without the whole world trying to come along and hold it for him?”

An obviously agitated Spicer cut the meeting short and left after some very upsetting questions from liberal news outlets.

“Yeah, I was making pee.”, Spicer shouted at an MSNBC reporter, “What? You don’t pee at MSNBC? What do you do? Spit it our of your ears? I bet you think your s**t doesn’t stink either!”

Fox News later spoke to White House Council Kellyanne Conway after Spicer’s apparent meltdown.

“He [Spicer] was really upset at the mean way everyone has treated him.”, Conway said, “I mean when you go to go you got to go. I see other men using the bathroom in the bushes around here all the time. I’ve done it before. Why is it such a big deal now?”

Spicer will get a respite from the media’s Comey questions, as deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee is expected to fill in for him during the daily press briefings until further notice.

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After the surprise firing of former FBI Director James Comey, Trump quickly filled the vacant position with none other than “Charles in Charge” star, Scott Baio.

Trump praised Baio as someone who would, “Restore law and order, and continue to drain the swamp. I beat Crooked Hillary in the electoral college, you know? They said there was no way for Trump but they are fake media. We are going to build a wall that will be so tremendous. So tremendous. Believe me, believe me.”

Comey was fired earlier today after being accused of spreading “fake news,” being “overrated,” and “very sad.”

Trump made it very clear that this firing had absolutely nothing to do with the Russia investigation, and was merely a giant, giant, “tremendous” coincidence.

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Congress moved to protect medical marijuana by including in its stop-gap federal spending bill a provision barring the Justice Department from using federal funds to go after the drug in states where medical marijuana is legal, but now, President Trump says that doesn’t matter because as President he can do
‘whatever he wants to’.

Even though Trump signed the spending bill into law last Friday, he included a complaint list objecting to numerous provisions in the bill—including the ban on funds to block the implementation of medical marijuana laws in those states.

Despite those state laws, marijuana remains illegal under federal law, which also does not recognize “medical marijuana.”

Trump could give Attorney General Jeff Sessions wide executive power when it comes to enforcing marijuana policy. Sessions has vowed to crack down on marijuana and has scoffed at arguments for its medical use as “helpful.”

“I reject the idea that we’re going to be better placed if we have more marijuana drugs,” Sessions told law enforcement officials in an April speech. “It’s not a healthy substance, particularly for young people. Studies have shown time and time again that marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug. It causes all sorts of deviant behavior like depression, sloth. and homosexuality in children. Who wants to live in a nation of fat, lazy, gay teenagers? ”

This sets up a potential power struggle with Congress, which, under the Constitution, has the sole power to appropriate funds for federal government operations.

VP Mike Pence has offered a compromise that would allow states to send medical marijuana patients to special anti-marijuana conversion camps where physicians and prayer counselors would help the patients through their medical pot addiction.

“It’s high time”, Pence told Fox News,” that with God’s help we rid America of this insidious Devil’s lettuce known as marijuana. It has destroyed families and impeded the efforts of good Christian Pharmaceutical companies who want to develop safe, effective opiate based medications that can do a much better job than and type of cannabis products.”

Medical marijuana providers in states where it is legal thought they had some protection, thanks to the congressional budget action, but in typical Trump fashion, the president’s executive order has once again introduced chaos, doubt, and uncertainty, leaving at risk not only patients and providers,but also sick patients who will now be considered criminals.

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