Congress moved to protect medical marijuana by including in its stop-gap federal spending bill a provision barring the Justice Department from using federal funds to go after the drug in states where medical marijuana is legal, but now, President Trump says that doesn’t matter because as President he can do
‘whatever he wants to’.

Even though Trump signed the spending bill into law last Friday, he included a complaint list objecting to numerous provisions in the bill—including the ban on funds to block the implementation of medical marijuana laws in those states.

Despite those state laws, marijuana remains illegal under federal law, which also does not recognize “medical marijuana.”

Trump could give Attorney General Jeff Sessions wide executive power when it comes to enforcing marijuana policy. Sessions has vowed to crack down on marijuana and has scoffed at arguments for its medical use as “helpful.”

“I reject the idea that we’re going to be better placed if we have more marijuana drugs,” Sessions told law enforcement officials in an April speech. “It’s not a healthy substance, particularly for young people. Studies have shown time and time again that marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug. It causes all sorts of deviant behavior like depression, sloth. and homosexuality in children. Who wants to live in a nation of fat, lazy, gay teenagers? ”

This sets up a potential power struggle with Congress, which, under the Constitution, has the sole power to appropriate funds for federal government operations.

VP Mike Pence has offered a compromise that would allow states to send medical marijuana patients to special anti-marijuana conversion camps where physicians and prayer counselors would help the patients through their medical pot addiction.

“It’s high time”, Pence told Fox News,” that with God’s help we rid America of this insidious Devil’s lettuce known as marijuana. It has destroyed families and impeded the efforts of good Christian Pharmaceutical companies who want to develop safe, effective opiate based medications that can do a much better job than and type of cannabis products.”

Medical marijuana providers in states where it is legal thought they had some protection, thanks to the congressional budget action, but in typical Trump fashion, the president’s executive order has once again introduced chaos, doubt, and uncertainty, leaving at risk not only patients and providers,but also sick patients who will now be considered criminals.

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On the eve of an important health care vote in the House of Representatives, many liberals have decried President Trump’s health care bill as being discriminating to the poor and working class.
On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence called these charges ridiculous as he believes it would provide more Health, freedom, and Godliness to the American people.
What do you think about The President’s new plan to refer people with pre-existing conditions  to specialized ‘prayer camps’ where councilors will pray over sick individuals who seek healing and recovery?
Join us this morning as we welcome health care experts Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and Peter Popoff as we discuss miraculous hearings and more. Don’t miss a minute, today on Fox News.
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What do you think about President Trump’s comments on the Civil War? Could Andrew Jackson have prevented it if only he were still President when the Southern liberals attacked the Conservatives? Join us on Fox and Friends this morning as we discuss this and Trump’s other comments about how Batman could have ended World War 2 years earlier. All this and more this morning on Fox news.

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Berkeley California: Chelsea Clinton to speak in Ann Coulter’s place at Berkeley UC

In a stunning turnaround, Liberal professors at Berkeley UC have decided to censor conservative voices in favor of liberal ones. And none are as liberal as the Clintons. It is rumored that Berkeley will pay Chelsea $300,000 for the one-hour speech on the Clinton Global initiative. The price tag includes Hillary Clinton being there and signing autographs after the speech.

Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak at Berkeley U.C but was denied when liberal activists made clear their threats of violence if Coulter was allowed to speak in the “hallowed halls” of far-left Berkeley UC. In the name of “safety”, Berkeley denies freedom of expression and speech for many conservatives.

This is not the only conservative voice silenced by the far left of late. Milo Yiannopoulos was excited to bring his conservative message to Berkeley. But the liberal professors could not have that. Their students rioted. Flipping cars, breaking windows, looting, setting fires and threatening anyone who even seemed conservative. What are the liberal professors teaching at Berkeley that makes their students hate conservative opinion so much?

They would do well to teach these liberal “activists” the true meaning of America. And maybe the wise words from one of our founders would make them see the light.

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
Benjamin Franklin

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