President Obama is the latest to weigh in on the shooting in Alexandria VA this morning that injured 5, including Congressman Steve Scalise and the shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, who later died from his injuries.

“We may not be able to save everyone from gun violence,” Obama told reporters from the deck of his taxpayer funded luxury yacht,” but what we can do is provide more safe spaces for disturbed patriots who live in fear.”

Obama then went on to comment on how Hodgkinson must have felt threatened by a group of men holding bats and compared the incident to the shooting of Trevon Martin by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman also “stood his ground”
because he allegedly felt threatened by Martin.

“We saw it before in the Trevon Martin case,” Obama continued, all Trevon had was a bottle of tea and a bag of candy. These Congressmen were all swinging baseball bats at the shooter. What he did was wrong but you can see why he would want to stand his ground.”

Aides to Mr. Scalise said Wednesday morning that had undergone surgery at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and was in stable condition. The police said a total of five people had been transported to hospitals.


    1. This is NOT FOX NEWS! This page was obviously created to make conservatives look stupid. Don’t believe a word they print!

  1. Obama—this is YOUR legacy! What a moronic thing to say! Thank God you are out of the WH—a place you never deserved to be

  2. Obama clean up your own state first and then you just might have something to talk about. Sorry but you are not our President anymore and you should just keep your thoughts to yourself. Thank you.

  3. There are not enough safe spaces in the world to satisfy this need. Then again, there really are NO safe spaces anywhere to avoid crazies and idiots!

  4. That’s the most demented justification for shooting into a crowd, much less a crowd of congressmen, that I’ve ever heard. Do you Democrat congressmen agree that you deserved to be shot at because you were holding baseball bats at a baseball game?

    Why have you let a man that would say shit like this to walk the streets encouraging shooters to feel sufficiently intimidated by a baseball game to go and shoot them? This is beyond believable. Did Obama really say that?

  5. You never spoke out or gave a shit when you where in office why the fuck are you piping up now you P.O.S. SHUT YOU PIE HOLE OR I YOUR CASE YOUR FRIDE CHICKEN AND WATERMELON HOLE YOU MONKEY TURD

  6. What fucking planet are you on?it’s gonna be a lot of this,now that Sir Asshole Tinyhands,is in office!hell yeah compassion!pressure can bursts a pipe!this fucking farce of a presidency is hurting EVERYONE,except for those egg think they have the right to make other people miserable!

  7. LOLROTF Really? That’s why he left his state and came to Alexandria, was living in his van near the park, asked if it were Republicans or Democrats playing there and then went back to his van and got his guns and ammo? Because he was afraid of the men with bats, playing baseball. Oh Please! Give me a flippin Break! The people who have fueled this hatred and ignorance and brainwashing are Obama and the Democrats. They live in hate. Always have. History proves that.

  8. These moron thinks we care on what he say, how about you enjoy your money that all came from commissions and corruption practices that you have promoted in the Capitol. Just enjoy it and wait for the Karma that is coming very soon.

  9. You are suck a STUPID NIGGA, RACE BAITIN PIECE OF CRAP. AND NEVER WAS PRESIDENT. I WANT TO KNOW IF OVOMIT IS SCARED OF BASEBALL BATTER, cause we all be Just a swingin. Lol. Shut your filthy pie hole.

  10. LOLOL…How moronic does someone have to be to believe this was legit?? Didn’t the “Really Really fair and balanced” tip you off that this was satirical and NOT real???!

  11. I agree all BS, faux news really , and to think the haters above do not even get the meaning of his statement so they call him names WTF

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