Some deeply disturbing and revealing information has been discovered. According to sources deep within our organization, evidence has surfaced that proves the shooting death of Lavoy Finicum was a staged false-flag attack, set up by Obama himself, in yet his latest ATTACK ON ARE GUN FREEDOMS!!

Seen in the pictures below, Lavoy Finicum, aka Jimmy “Slick” Wopkins, is proven to be just ano…ther CRISIS ACTOR. He can clearly be seen posing here as a Mexican, protesting at the GOP Convention, in an obvious attempt to stir up chaos and dischord. Many local militias are now scrambling to unmask potential Obama FBI plants in their organizations.

Sources close to us have reported that Obama is very close to passing the Homeland Citizen Disarmament Executive Order in November, in his final act before leaving office. Is this cover-up just a way to gather more support from liberal America??

More to come as it develops.

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