What do you think about a new CNN report alleging Melania Trump is an operative of the Russian government and furthermore, may be having an affair with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin?

CNN quotes unnamed sources that claim the recent G20 meeting was merely a ruse so that the First Lady could give an “intelligence report” to the Russian strong man.

Rumors of Melania’s family ties have circulated on social media ever since it was uncovered that her father, Viktor Knavs, was a member of the Communist Party in Slovenia and had involvement with the Russian intelligence community.

On his Saturday show, CNN host Michael Smerconish broke the story and alleged the First Lady was acting very suspicious towards Putin.

“Did anybody see how they looked at each other”, Smerconish said, “they obviously have something going on. Putin with his arms around Melania. Melania avoids Trump to have dinner and cuddle with Putin. We know that KGB has used beautiful women to seduce powerful American men for decades. Why would we think they don’t do it now?”

Smerconish was referencing that fact that Mrs. Trump ended up sitting next to Putin during a Friday night dinner at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, as the leaders were assigned to sit down next to their counterparts’ spouses.

Smerconish also reported that another unnamed source claimed that later Friday night, Melania left the Trump hotel suite to get ice and didn’t return for several hours.

The Trump Administration refused to comment on the rumors and stated that the mainstream media was simply ‘making things up’ to avoid talking about the President’s brilliant victories at the conference which will eventually make America great again.

“The fake news media doesn’t want people to know how much success I have had.”, President Trump told Fox News Tucker Carlson in an interview,”CNN has been very unfair and didn’t even report on the tremendous job I did facing down the Chinese prime minister, sad.”

“You mean Xi?”, Carlson asked.

“No it wasn’t a she, I’m pretty sure he was a guy.”, The President said.

The G20 summit in Hamburg ended Saturday, which has seen violent anti-capitalist protests on the streets and featured Ivanka Trump briefly taking her father’s seat at the conference of world leaders.