Barack Obama, the former president, who has been criticized for taking in $400,000 for a Wall Street-sponsored speech, will reportedly be getting four times that much for another speech to a group he has befriended and championed, The Muslim Brotherhood.

The former president will be making the speech at a convention of Islamic leaders in Cairo next month. The theme of the gathering will be virtues of Sharia Law and ways to implement it into society and government across the world. Obama will be discussing ways to introduce it into American Society.

Head of the U.S. based Islamic friendship Coalition, Iman Abdul Al-Zhakethet, was thrilled to have Obama attending.

“The Islamic community is thrilled to be graced by our former leader”, the Imam said,”One and a half million seems like a lot of money but with the thrill of bringing the joy of Sharia to America we could not resist.”

Earlier this week, the 44th president came under strong scrutiny after it was learned that he agreed to speak at a health care event in September sponsored by Wall Street Bank Cantor Fitzgerald, a speech that would earn him $400,000.

Democratic Party leaders have come out to the media to harshly criticized Obama.

Democratic comedian Bill Maher blasted Obama saying, “This is just an outrage, Obama taking money from those little brown devils? If he was any kind of man he would give some of it to my friend Ann Coulter who had her speech shut down by Muzzie loving tree huggers.”

Republican leaders cried foul at the reported 1.5 million dollar fee citing that it didn’t make sense to pay someone that much for a half hour speech.

“Is it ant coincidence that he [Obama] will be in Cairo which is so close to Benghazi?”,said Rep.Trey Gowdy (R-SC) We have investigated Obama’s Muslim ties before, and you can bet we will be doing it again.”

Obama will have an opportunity to reconcile his evolving position on money and politics in his next memoir, for which he has already signed a $600 million deal.


United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson canceled a scheduled trip to Kenya, Zambia, and Nigeria, he announced late Thursday night, citing security concerns.
Carson’s senior advisers noted that there were “active, credible” threats made against Carson from the Islamist terror group Juggalos For Allah in Africa.
Carson had planned the trip to view Native lodging in Africa and dirt huts which the trump Administration believes could be used as public housing for Blacks and the poor in this country.
Dr. Carsons itinerary had called for meetings with government officials in all three African countries, and the 18th anniversary of his separating the formerly conjoined Banda twins, one of the highlights of his renowned medical career; and, near Lagos, Nigeria, a visit to a medical school named for him.He was also scheduled to attend the grand opening of a water park. A group of journalists had been offered seats on Dr. Carsons chartered plane for $120,250.

We certainly weren’t going to endanger his life or anybody else’s life,said Armstrong Whacker, a senior adviser.”Dr.Carson is aware of dangers in Africa.He also likes watching that show ‘Zoo’ which doesn’t help.”
Juggalos For Allah is a radical Islamist group that has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. In Kenya, a different terrorist group, the Obamistan militants, have conducted deadly attacks that singled out people saying ‘Merry Christmas’.
“It’s classified information so I’m just going to say it’s too dangerous,” Carson told a press briefing in Iowa.”The CIA knows about all the dangerous terrorists and animals in Africa and so do I.Be they Lions,be they Tigers,Be they,Bears,or snakes,or spiders,or other scary things.It’s just too dangerous.”
He brushed off questions about whether it would hurt his credentials on foreign policy, as well, saying that “I think it’ll make me look smart to not go into some place where there’s a lot of danger.Now keep in mind I am a manly man.I have been to Africa before and when a Lion attacked me I kicked him in the testicles.The animals know not to mess with a tough street kid like me.I just don’t want to put my entourage through all that.”
Carson is protected by the United States Secret Service and Jesus when he travels Such as on a visit recently to two Syrian refugee camps in Jordan where Carson concluded all Syrians were terrorists and very smelly.

Racist Blacks Attempt To destroy Southern Heritige

Outrage today in New Orleans, Louisiana as 4 pieces of Southern heritage have been ordered to be removed. Written in late December as his final executive order as President, Obama, working with key members of the Black Lives Matter movement, demanded that they be removed.

The statues will reportedly be melted down and reshaped into a large monument celebrating the BLM organizations accomplishments over the past few years. Key input on the new monument will be handed down by none other than Beyoncé herself. Whispers of Oprah’s creative involvement are rumored but have yet to be confirmed.

Locals are calling for nighttime gatherings to protest these removals. They wear their Halloween ghost costumes to protect their identities from the violent BLM protestors.

“We ain’t racist down here and the Confederacy wasn’t about slavery. We tolerate the coloreds just fine,” commented local resident Jesse Ronaldsen.


CANNON BALL, N.D. – Tension flared anew on the Dakota Access pipeline as protesters tried to push past a long-blocked bridge on a state highway, only to be turned back by a line of law enforcement using water cannon and what appeared to be tear gas.

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