Unlike past former presidents, Barack Obama is showing no signs of completely giving up public life.

Since leaving office, Obama has commented on major events or controversies, including the terrorist attack in Manchester, England, and Sen. John McCain’s brain cancer diagnosis. He did so again on Friday, after the deadly terror attack in Barcelona, Spain.

In a staggering, impromptu news conference in Hawaii, the former President blamed the violence in Spain this week on both sides of the conflict. Saying the white tourist crowd was just as responsible for the attack as it’s ISIS perpetrators.

“What about the white tourists that came in a threating way, as you say, the ‘innocent bystanders,’ do they have any semblance of guilt as well?” Obama asked. “What about the fact they came dancing around in the public square, swinging maracas, are they part of the problem? I think behaviors like that makes Muslims feel uncomfortable.”

Spain saw one of its most violent days in recent memory as a spate of incidents throughout the country appeared to be connected to a terror attack Thursday in Barcelona that left 13 people dead and more than 100 injured.

The radical Islamic terror cell ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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In a tragic turn of events earlier today Andrew Anglin has been found dead in his barn after apparently being raped by a horse.

Anglin is the founder of a popular website called The Daily Stormer. Mr. Anglin is a well known self professed animal lover and frequent Furry enthusiast.

“Furries” are individuals with a sex fetish for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular, a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.

His lifeless half naked body was discovered shortly after noon today by his stable boy Mr. Hands. He reportedly was wearing only a cosplay mule head and pink bow tie.

Mr. Hands was quoted as saying “I think it just went too far in this time. You know? I mean, he loved that horse as much as I did but accidents happen when you love horse c*ck as much as he did.”

Police have closed the incident and do not suspect foul play.From us here at Fox News, RIP Mr. Anglin. God’s speed.

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After a tough week of protests and violence, President Trump has brilliantly devised a plan to bring Americans together and make America great again.

At a press conference this morning announced a plan to begin buying up controversial Confederate monuments and transfer them from public property to his private casinos and resorts.

“There were a lot of fine clean cut young men”, the President said, “who were marching with tiki torches this weekend, very concerned with preserving their history. We cannot forget the brave Civil War heroes on both sides who fought to preserve our freedom and liberty, therefore I will begin buying as many Confederate monuments as I can and place them on private property where criminal thugs in the BLM and alt-left movements cannot touch them.”

Yesterday, the President gave in to political pressure and denounced, by name, the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who rallied in Charlottesville this past weekend, he reversed course and again claimed “both sides” were to blame for the violence in the Virginia city.

At the center of the chaos is a statue memorializing Robert E. Lee. It depicts the Confederacy’s top general, larger than life, astride a horse, both green with oxidation. The statue has been targeted for removal.

The President went on to say he already has a “nice spot” picked out at his New Jersey golf resort, where he has been spending an extended vacation, for the Lee statue.

White House sources that they have begun contacting local municipalities to price the statues and monuments. They would reportedly be paid for with a series of grants from the U.S. Department of the Interior and The Donald J. Trump Foundation chaired by his son Don Jr.

The violence this weekend was one of the bloodiest fights over the campaigns across the South to remove Confederate monuments, and the statue remains a lightning rod in Charlottesville.

The President will return to vacationing today.

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What do you think about President Trump’s remarks on Police violence?

Trump delivered a combative law-and-order speech in New York Friday, calling gang members “animals”, “thugs”, and praising law enforcement for being “rough.”

Speaking before law enforcement officers, Trump praised the aggressive tactics of immigration officers and suggested that police shouldn’t protect the heads of handcuffed suspects being put in the back of a car.

President Trump’s admonition that the police should not be “too nice” while transporting suspects drew laughter and cheers from a crowd of officers on Friday, but police officials swiftly made it clear they did not find the words funny.

Saturday morning the President reportedly seemed to be confused as to why anyone would be offended and claims he was “just joking”.

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci spoke to Fox News Saturday morning downplaying the President’s comments.

“I’m so f**king tired of all this f**king fake news bulls**t”, Scaramucci told Fox and Friends Weekend, “these f**king c**kcuckers always have to make a big deal out of nothing. President Trump was just busting balls. He’s always busting balls. He’s a funny f**ker. He cracks me the f**k up all day long. Guy can’t even make a joke without everybody going ape s**t. F**king c**ksuckers. I wish I could get every one of them fired.”

The police statement in the suburb where Trump spoke added, “The Suffolk County Police Department has strict rules and procedures relating to the handling of prisoners, and violations of those rules and procedures are treated extremely seriously.”
Suffolk County police have been under Justice Department oversight since 2013, after a federal investigation exposed a pattern of anti-immigrant violence.

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