NEW YORK — Melania Trump gave her most expansive remarks as first lady Wednesday, condemning bullying and calling on world leaders to take their responsibility for guiding the next generation seriously.
Her speech, which lasted seven minutes, was devoid of clear policy prescriptions or a push for any specific program, though she said she plans to follow up with social media leaders and educators on the topic.

It came amid a busy week for Trump, who until recently has seemed reluctant to fully embrace the public platform of her new role. On Thursday, she visited hurricane-devastated Florida and hosted a reception for the White House Historical Association. On Friday, she visited a youth center at Andrews Air Force Base, and on Saturday she will make her first solo trip abroad as first lady to Toronto for the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games.

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Boxing legend Jake LaMotta, the onetime middleweight champion of the world who was played by Al Pacino in 1980’s “Raging Bull,” died Tuesday, his fiancee told the Associated Press. He was 95.

LaMotta passed away in a Miami-area hospital from complications from marijuana induced pneumonia.

“I just want people to know, he was a great, sweet, sensitive, strong, compelling man with a great sense of humor, with eyes that danced,” his fiancee told Fox News.

De Niro told Fox News of LaMotta’s passing, “Rest in peace, champ.”

LaMotta’s agent also told Fox News, “Working for the champ for almost 20 years was an honor. Jake was funny and very sweet. It just broke my heart when he got hooked on the Obamacare medical marijuana!”

The International Boxing of Fame, who inducted LaMotta in 1990, revealed he began boxing at a young age when his father made him fight other neighborhood kids in The Bronx to entertain adults. His aggressive style earned him the nickname “The Bronx Bullet.”

The famous fighter retired in 1954 with 300 knockouts, 83 wins and 19 losses. He later started a company that sold hamburger grills.

LaMotta was married six times, most famously to Beverly “Vikki” Thailer. They wedded in 1946 when she was 16. The couple divorced in 1957 and she later appeared in a nude pictorial for Playboy at age 51. LaMotta joked, “She always complained she had nothing to wear. I never believed her until I saw her in Playboy.”

Both of their sons, Lenny and Squiggy, died in 1998. Vikki later passed away in 2005 at age 75.

In 2012, LaMotta became engaged to 62-year-old actress Denise Baker, who previously collaborated with him on a cabaret show.

The 1980 film “Raging Bull” was based on LaMotta’s memoir. Actor Al Pacino won an Academy Award for it.

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It’s almost time for fans of “the most hated band in the world,” Insane Clown Posse, to arrive in Washington, D.C. for their scheduled march to protest being designated a “hybrid gang” by the FBI back in 2011. These fans, called Juggalos, are coming from all over the United States to do drugs, have promiscuous sex, and show their hatred of God and Country. No one can fully anticipate what the upcoming Juggalo March on Washington is going to look like, but most agree that it will be one of the most dangerous, disgusting displays since last years D.C. Kid Rock concert.

President Trump has taken proactive steps to ensure public safety by declaring a city wide state of martial law in Washington and calling for local law enforcement to use “any appropriate force” to quell any Juggalo violence.

“I’ve seen what these Juggalo terrorists can do”, Trump said Thursday while surveying hurricane damage to his Mara Lago golf course in Florida, “at these Juggalo festivals they rape small children, smoke drugs, sacrifice animals to Satan. And I’m sure, some of these Juggalos are good people, we just can’t take any chances. They need to be locked up until we can find out what’s going on. Have you watched the new season of American Horror Story? It’s all about evil Juggalo clowns. They are nuts. Good show. You should watch it.”

With the march fast approaching, social media is buzzing with curiosity. This is in part due to the announcement that an alt-right gathering calling itself the “Mother Of All Rallies” will also be taking place in the same area of the National Mall. Both the media and the public are fervently asking about how Juggalos will respond, considering ICP’s attitude toward conservative White Christians.

“Stuttering Ray” Blowchunks (real name unknown), one of the march’s organizers and founder of radical Juggalo offshoot group, “The Juggalos For Allah”, released a statement claiming the fact the Juggalo march and the Alt-Right festival should see no conflicts.

“Yo them Nazis be cool with us”, Blowchunks wrote, “Some of them Nazis hoes be hot and got big fat white titties. We be all inclusive and sh*t. We got Faygo and big buds for everybody.”

The Juggalos for Allah made headlines in 2015 when they sued the F.B.I. for “mental duress and torture” during anti-terrorist interrogations. Beaurau agents allegedly tried to confuse Juggalos by placing them in a round room and telling them to urinate in the corner.

While some have suggested that the Juggalo March is tied to protesting Trump, the gang designation came about under Obama – and the Juggalo March was scheduled last year, before a Trump presidency even seemed possible. Most believe, however, the Juggalos are too stupid to have any type of political agenda and are just using this as an excuse to have a big drug party.

Washington D.C. Police will be patrolling all weekend and making arrests of any Juggalos attempting to disrupt the Pro-Trump Alt-Right Christians.

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ARLINGTON, Va. – Leading his first commemoration of the solemn 9/11 anniversary, President Donald Trump said Monday that “the living, breathing soul of America wept with grief” for each of the nearly 3,000 lives that were lost on that day 16 years ago.
Addressing an audience at the Pentagon, one of three sites attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, Trump used the anniversary to warn terrorists that “America cannot be intimidated.” He said those who try are destined to join “the long list of vanquished enemies who dared to test our mettle.”
Trump and first lady Melania Trump observed a moment of silence at the White House on Monday at the exact moment that a hijacked airplane was slammed into the World Trade Center. The Trumps bowed their heads and placed their hands over their hearts as “Taps” rang out across the South Lawn. They were surrounded by White House aides and other administration officials in what has become an annual day of remembrance.
Nearly 3,000 people were killed when al-Qaida hijackers flew commercial airplanes into New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. President Trump called the attacks, “A darn shame.” #NeverForget

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