Thursday, July 14, 2016


It's the newest viral app: Pokemon Go. The app craze has people everywhere glued to their smartphones trying to catch Pokemon. The app was released on mobile devices last week in the United States and the popular game has turned sidewalks,roads,and public restrooms into a virtual arena for gamers.

Players are racing down streets on the hunt for checkpoints where they earn prizes and catch little Pokémon creatures. But while the game seems fun, police are now sounding the alarm saying it can be dangerous.

Dallas police now have evidence that Mica Johnson,the shooter that killed 5 police officers last week may have been using the popular game to target officers in his attack.

"When we found the subjects cell phone,"Dallas Police Chief David Brown told Fox News,"it seemed odd to us that the Pokemon game app was running.When one Officer began playing with the game he noticed that little yellow kangaroo thing [Pikachu] would be lurking around the legs of all the police.It wouldn't go near any of their BLM protesters but it loved hanging on cops."

In a related incident this week,Police Officers in Lansing MI reported that many college students we following them around the downtown area Monday night pointing and laughing at them.

Sgt. Jim Longfellow of the Lansing P.D. investigated the young people and discovered they were all playing the game.

"We seen a bunch of them kids pointing and laughing at us.",Longfellow said,"They do that a lot but there usually isn't that many of them downtown on a weeknight.We found out they were playing that dopey game and realized there wasn't anything to it.At least it was college students.If a bunch of ghetto rats did that we would probably just have shot them.Very dangerous situation."

In O'Fallon, Missouri, police say robbers used the game to lure victims into a parking lot by putting a beacon at a location to attract players to that exact spot.

A gamer was robbed by four teenagers ages 16 to 18 at gunpoint. Police say the teen suspects may have been involved in similar robberies around the St. Louis area.

Police in Riverton, Wyoming say Pokémon Go led a woman to a dead body. Shayla Wiggins says she wanted to catch the water Pokémon so she went for a walk in hopes of finding the Pokémon but instead she found a body face down in the river and believe he may have also been playing the game.

Christian Conservatives in Atlanta,GA report that the game has caused their children to act strange and believe the game Satanic and possibly causes people to be infested by demons.

"Pokémon games and toys are only sugar-coated instruments of the occult,Satanism,and gay marriage", said Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee,"It's a policy issue, a church issue, and a national security issue. I currently oversee over 15 campaigns against the Pokémon menace. They need to ban this game before it turns all our children into little junior Satanists and cop killers."

The Ninetendo corporation has already made millions off the game after only a week and has no plans to recall or alter the game.In a press release they emphatically deny the game is Satanic or dangerous.

They declined our requests for an on camera interview.