Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thousands of Jews Flee The South In Fear of Trump Presidency

A mass exodus of Jews all across The South, has been going on since they caught wind that a Trump Presidency was possible, in fear of a repeat of World War II.

Jews in the thousands are heading back to their ancestral home of New York City. In a statement from Bernie Sanders, Senator Sanders said “We will form a Revolutionary Army and march down I-95 to the Mason-Dixon Line and head off any Trump supporters.” In addition, he welcomed any refugees to Vermont.

When Secretary Hillary Clinton, heard Senator Sanders remarks she said, “I will form a Revolutionary Army, stationed in Lower Manhattan, we must protect Wall Street at all costs!”

A spokesperson for Clinton then said anyone joining the army would be paid $10.10 an hr and maybe $12.

Fox News was able to speak to some of the fleeing Jews, one called Hirshel Flabinowitz said, “Trump is Hitler, I used to get on with my neighbors but now they’re putting Trump signs in their yards and buying ‘Make America White Again’ bumper stickers’, so we must leave”.

We spoke to another Jew an elderly lady in her 90’s called Mya Sertz, who said, “I remember Hitler’s Germany just before the Holocaust, and what is going on now with The Republican Party and Donald Trump is exactly the same, one holocaust in one life is enough for anyone”.