Saturday, June 25, 2016


Sarah Palin congratulates daughter Bristol on the birth of her newest illegitimate child, Brexit. Quickly walks back statement.

In a tweet earlier today, Sarah Palin released a congratulatory Tweet to her oldest daughter Bristol on the birth of her newest illegitimate child, Brexit. the tweet read: Hey ho after that last batch of puppies, I like Cheetos smile emoticon:) congrats to what's her face and new baby Brexit.

Media speculation immediately identified that the tweet was directed to her daughter Bristol who has apparently dropped yet another out of wedlock child with a name guaranteed to get his ass kicked in the schoolyard every day of his miserable life.

Other popular names that the Palins' have planned to use over the years for Bristol's illegitimate children include: Max, Duke, Bear, Bentley, and Rocky. Should Bristol have a baby girl, the Palins have pre approved the following: Mrs. Whiskers, Daisy, Tiger,  Trump, and the popular girls name, Simba.

In a follow up Tweet Mrs. Palin explained that she had become confused by the trending topics on her Twitter. The tweet simply read: Sorry baby Bristol. With a name like Brexit trending what else was I supposed to think. Palin then went on to tweet: me hungry, I like hair. Nobody has ventured a guess about what Mrs. Palin was trying to say.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump also misread the messages and congratulated the Palin's in a jocular tweet..

"Great job Bristol," Trump wrote,"You know the only thing more confusing than Mother's Day in an orphanage? Father's day at the Palin house! Get it? Funny stuff huh?"