Sunday, May 15, 2016


Lansing,MI — The Obama administration’s sweeping directive that public schools must permit transgender students to use the bathroom or locker room of their self-identified gender stoked an already red-hot social issue in Michigan.

The U.S. Education and Justice departments said federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sex gives transgender students the right to watch heterosexual children pee any time they want to.

Michigan lawmakers are asking Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI) for their guidance on how to handle the new transgender bathroom and locker room directive.

The innovative Snyder has come up with yet another brilliant Christian conservative solution to solve the public safety problems caused by perverted transgenders community.Potty cams.

The Governor and his team of Emergency Managers specifically tasked with the homosexual crisis have proposed that monitored security cams be placed in either restroom stalls or the toilets themselves to ensure all bathroom patrons are in the correct restroom that identifies with their genitals.

In response to Obama's mandate, Snyder penned a letter to several Michigan lawmakers, including senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stankenrhatch and representatives Holden McRroins and Hugh Jash.

"As Governor of The Great State Of Michigan, I am committed to providing a safe and orderly environment for ALL students. Our state has specific Board policies on hazing, harassing, bullying, making fun of Christians,etc., which we diligently enforce," the letter says.

"The Department of Justice’s position regarding transgender students being permitted to use locker rooms compatible to their 'gender identification' is dangerous and impinges on the safety of White Christian students," the letter says.

The letter continues:

"As a state school district, we also need to be respectful of and ensure everyone’s safety: safety of the gender diverse/gender perverted/transgender student who is entering a locker room or restroom where the other students are physically the opposite sex, but also the safety of all students who, even if they are accepting, may not be capable of controlling adolescent emotional or physical response known as "fapping". We are advised that providing a separate locker room or restroom violates the student’s rights because we are treating the student differently. So what is the solution to satisfy all? Cameras

I propose that where available we could put tiny spy cams directly into the toilets and have security personnel monitor these cams during the school day for suspicious genital activity.This would work in most communities except perhaps Flynt,MI where the toilet water would corrode and destroy the cameras.

The task may be distasteful to some but I have confidence that we will be able to staff from conservative groups who won't mind viewing children's hot pockets and dangly bits all day."

The Obama administration's directive comes amid a legal fight between the Justice Department and North Carolina over that state's law on bathroom use by transgender people.

The state and the federal government sued each other on Monday.