Monday, April 4, 2016


Under increasing pressure from Islamic advocacy groups,The President signed in executive law an order that would suspend White Christians from entering the U.S. until they could be vetted to ensure they are not part of any European White Supremacy Groups.

The order follows in the footsteps of Neo-Nazi protests in Belgium and other European countries last week following the ISIS terror attacks in Belgium and France.

Work and tourist visas will be put on hold for and Caucasians identifying themselves as Christian until they can be vetted by Obama's new anti-racism Czar,New York Reverend Al Sharpton.

"There are actions I have the legal authority to take as president – the same kinds of actions taken by Democratic and Republican presidents before me -– that will help make our immigration system more fair and more just," Obama said in a press conference,"We must do all we can to ensure the safety and prosperity of our Muslim-American citizens and ensure more right wing hate does not rear it's ugly head in America."

The White House bases it new policies on a report by the State Department that outlines the proliferation of Christian hate groups in Europe and suggests that these groups could be entering the U.S. to join up with American terrorist groups such such as The Oath Keepers and Christian Militia groups.

Republican lawmakers and other conservatives took the president to task for acting unilaterally, claiming he does not have the authority to advance such measures in the absence of congressional action and Tea Party approval.

Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, said on the Senate floor, "the plan [Obama is] presenting is more than just, as the President himself has acknowledged, an overreach by an uppity President – it’s also unfair,mean,and it makes me mad.The American people know these problems will not be solved until President Trump is in The White House."

The order will go into effect in May and will not effect Europeans already in the U.S.Muslim groups,fearing the skinhead agitators,have pressed the White House to go further and deport all European Christians already here.

"We have considered that",said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest,"we believe that would be ruled unconstitutional.But we are looking into ways around that."