Wednesday, April 27, 2016


What do you think about a new proposal by The Family Research Council that would create a volunteer group of Christians that would patrol Target restrooms looking for inappropriate sexual misconduct?

FRS leader Tony Perkins and former member Josh Duggar joined Fox News and discussed the plan which would supposedly keep 'Christian children safe' in the wake of Target's new restroom policy that allows people to use whichever toilet they want.

"It would be like the Guardian Angels in New York",Perkins told Fox News,"instead of subways,we would patrol bathrooms.If any of our volunteers suspect a pervert is trying to take advantage of Target's new policy,we would insist on inspecting their genitals and if anything was up,we would hold them until the police arrived."

The prominent pro-family group has called for a boycott of the retail giant in response to the new policy the group feels endangers women and children.

Recently rehabilitated sex offender and FRC member Josh Duggar will be spearheading the new campaign and has reportedly begun recruiting volunteers through contacts he made on The Ashley Madison dating website.

"I believe my experience will be very valuable to this project.",Duggar said,"with my experience in fiddling with my sisters I know what a pervert wants and how they act.I will personally patrol all the Women's restrooms I can to keep these young girls safe from the LGBT predator agenda.If the girls get scared,I will stand with them right in the bathroom stall if I have to."

The group could have the program up and running by the Summer and have enlisted the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to lend training as their agents are well versed in random genital inspection techniques.

Target officials could not be reached for comment.