Friday, March 4, 2016

Trump Supporters Outraged At Michelle Obama For Insulting Meliana Trump

Donald Trump's Presidential campaign has generated non-stop controversy since the beginning.Now,First Lady Michelle Obama is at the center of the storm after some comments she made about Trump's wife Meliana.

At a White House luncheon Tuesday the First Lady was overheard calling Mrs.Trump a "porno ho" and reportedly said "That skank needs to keep her legs closed when the camera is on.Do we really want a woman in the White House that old men sit and masturbate to while looking at pictures of her vag-jay-jay? Woman can't even speak American.She sounds like that Russian lady in the Bullwinkle cartoons."

At tonight's victory speech after the Republican debate in Detroit, Donald J. Trumps most fervent fans became outraged when they realized that the current Mrs. Trump can't speak American. Mr. trumps speech was going well with tirades about forcing China to build a wall and explaining why his plan to have the Government pay for people's healthcare is not socialism but President Obama's is.

One of the high points of Mr. Trumps speech was when his daughter took the podium and proclaimed, "I admire my fathers figure. I often think that if he weren't my biological father, I'd be dating him myself". The crowd applauded with a chant of "USA, USA, USA".

The mood in the room took a distinct turn for the worst when Donald Trumps third wife Meliana took the podium. Meliana Trump went on a tirade of her own proclaiming in a distinct Eastern European accent "My Donald is the supreme leader who is many destine to God  himself". Mrs. Trump went onto say "Every woman of childbearing years must reproduce at least two children for the state or she should be punished for refusing to make the country great and overpopulated again because we need workers for the freedom.Donald has very big hands.His hands much bigger than Obama's.First thing Donald teach me to say in the English was 'It's so big,it's so big.Can Ms.Obama say that?"

Mr.Trump brought Meliana to America from her home country of Slovenia on a special fast track Visa program matching rich American men up with Eastern European underwear models.

The Trump supporters supported the content of Melissa Trumps statements, however in an exit poll they were appalled with her commie accent and lack of knowledge of speaking American. When interviewed, a Mr. Ted Bahgwell was quoted as saying " I like her tits, but she can't talk American. The part where she said that the women owe the gubmint babies is good an all, but she can't talk American. When I could concentrate on something other than those massive head lights, I was thinking she was a big boobed commie". Mr Bahgwell later said that he felt duped. "I thought she was a good ol Mercian hooker. Not some commie coos."

Mr. Trump is expected to never let his third wife Melissa speak publicly again. The Republican presidential hopeful said of his wife, "Things look great going into her mouth. Not so great when things come out of that hole though". Trump giggled.

Mrs.Trump denies rumors that her husband only married her for her looks."Donald loves me,she told Fox News."He also love me being a watch designer.Donald tell me,'If you marry me,I want you to work my clock every day."