Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trump promises to confiscate records of abortion providers and retroactively jail all doctors and patients.

In a stunning interview with MSNBC's Liberal Chris Matthews that will air later this evening, presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to confiscate all medical records from abortion providers in the country and retroactively jail patients and doctors. Chris Matthews was quoted as saying "But you can't do that. You can't just confiscate medical records and go back in time and punish people for something that was legal at the time". Trump fired back with a defiant statement "Fuck those whores! I can do whatever the hell I want and you can't stop me you stupid ginger".

Matthews appeared genuinely stunned at the statement. Trump went on to say "Excuse me, now that pot is legal in a lot of the country who are we going to put in all of those jail cells? I mean, we have contracts with those prisons and we need butts in seats". Matthews then asked Trump "how do you ban abortion? How do you go about banning a medical procedure"? Trump responded "Executive orders. It's simple. Then you send in the military and confiscate the records.I can make deals with the military so they will do whatever I say."

Chuck Todd also of MSNBC later caught up with presidential candidate John Kasich and asked him what he thought of Trumps statements. Kasich, also a staunch pro-life candidate was quoted as saying "I'm not for punishing women who had the procedure retroactively, but I do want those bitches in jail where they belong".

We here at Fox News will be sad to see one third of our female staff members jailed(Megyn Kelly had had eight abortions) when these new laws are signed by executive order by President Trump. We will be airing segments of the interview later this evening after it airs on that other network.