Monday, March 28, 2016


The easy availability of marijuana in Colorado is raising concerns among police, parents and teachers who worry that kids are getting sick from eating pot-infused "edibles."

Liberal marijuana advocates are adding marijuana to everything from cookies to chocolate bars, sodas and candies, and now,even Easter Eggs.

The Colorado activist group 'Stoners For Namaste' believes introducing marijuana to children at a young age causes them to be more tolerant of people with alternate lifestyles and more skeptical of "outdated belief systems" such as Christianity and Capitalism.

"It's just good for kids to smoke weed man",Herbie Schmote,chariman of the group tole Fox News,"When little kids smoke weed they get more in touch with the universe.Little boys become less aggressive and can feel their feminine side.Young women can forget their female guilt and celebrate their abortions.It's just really awesome."

According to the Denver police and the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, there were 855 cases of people giving marijuana candies to children last Easter. This Easter the number nearly doubled with some liberal groups hiding plastic Easter Eggs filled with marijuana edibles.

Emergency room physician and toxicology expert George "Tiny" Wang of Children's Hospital Denver says his emergency room is treating twenty to thirty kids a month for accidental marijuana ingestion, mostly in the form of edibles such as brownies or candies.

"It's a very unique situation," Wang says. "There is no other drug that's built into such an attractive, edible product. You have to realize that marijuana today is nearly 75,000 times stronger than what people smoked in the 1960s.We have heard horror stories about kids turning into violent marijuana addicts after trying it just once."

There have been other horror stories after these edibles cam available in Colorado in 2009,A Denver man accused of killing his wife after eating marijuana candy formally charged with murder in 2014.Last year an Oklahoma man allegedly shot himself after traveling to Colorado to try the edibles and having a 'bad trip'.A Minnesota teen named 'Tad' reportedly tried marijuana laced candy and then turned gay.

The Denver police department warned on its YouTube page: “With Easter fast approaching, Colorado citizens are in a unique position in the country – watching our kids’ candy for marijuana edibles. Learn how some marijuana edibles can be literally identical to their name-brand counterparts, and get a reminder about sweets safety for all your little Easter Bunnies this year.” Detective Mike Sweeny of the Denver Anti-Narcotics Task Force said this of the dangers of edible marijuana,“Casual drug users should be taken out and shot.Reefer makes Mexicans think they’re as good as white men.They smoke it and go crazy.Before I joined the Denver Police,I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment. I got hooked on marijuana and a few months later I was living on the streets offering fellatio to old men to support my pot habit.Marijuana is a gateway drug and has no place near our children."

No deaths related to marijuana laced products have been confirmed yet.