Sunday, March 13, 2016


Donald Trump said Saturday at a Kansas City campaign event he would press charges against Juggalos and possibly Bernie Sanders for interrupting his rallies, according to media reports, not long before police pepper sprayed protesters outside.

The Republican frontrunner's remarks came after he was interrupted about a dozen times by the known socialist gang 'Juggalos For Allah' who snuck into the theater.

"I'm going to ask that you arrest the Juggalos," Trump said to the police. "I'll file whatever charges you want. If they want to do this ... we're going to go strongly for your arrests.If you need to crack some skulls,do it.We will help."

Police tweeted they used pepper spray twenty five times outside and arrested two hundred people.

Trump's rallies this weekend have been marred by clashes—some violent— between protesters and supporters. Just hours before, secret service agents surrounded Trump and tackled a protester who rushed the stage at a campaign event earlier Saturday in Ohio. Some anti-Trump protesters in clown make up and people in animal costumes got physical at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavillion after the presidential hopeful canceled the rally due to growing security concerns.

While a boisterous group of Juggalos gathered outside the theater where Trump spoke in downtown Kansas City, the Juggalos reportedly scuffled with members of "Furries For Trump", a Washington D.C. based group of cosplayers who like to dress as animals and attend Donald Trump rallies. Police say the majority of people exercised their rights to gather peacefully,drink Faygo,and yiff each other.

Those who stood outside held banners and signs that read, "Insan Klown Possy Rulz" and "Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!" referring to the strange noises Juggalos make when trying to coax females into removing their clothes.

Juggalos For Allah organizer,Stuttering Ray Blowchunks, denied that the Juggalos came seeking violence."We just wanted to tell that Trump he sucks",he said,"Trump is just a dick.Why does he have to be so dickish all the time.Why? Why can't he just smoke a dube and chill and let his daughter show us her boobs or something? It's trippy man."

Eagle(Fuzzy-Wuzzie)Animosus,Furries For Trump member who attended the event claims the Juggalos were very aggressive and 'scary'.

"We were just minding our own business",Animous told Fox News,"these Juggalos came up and started whooping and yelling at us and looking at us all hard and scary.My boyfriend got so scared he choked on a furball while he was yiffing me.I don't get all this hate for the right.All we want is free enterprise,limited government,and to be left alone to have sex dressed up like cartoon characters just like any other American."

Police eventually used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.Police spokesmen said most of the protesters were peaceful but decided they couldn't resist the opportunity to "mace some of these dickheads."

Trump has drawn criticism for his statements about protesters, including saying that he wanted to punch one of them in the face. However Trump has said that he does not condone violence.Trump blames leftists,Bernie Sanders,President Obama,the Illuminati,the Freemasons,Mexicans,Gays,Muslims,Atheists,blacks,Juggalos,and other assorted non-Whites for the disturbances.