Sunday, February 7, 2016

Executive Order Calls For Servicemen to Refuse Military Discounts

For decades,restaurants,movie theaters,and retail stores have offered discounts to members of the military,veterans,and their families. If the Obama Administration has it's way these discounts will be a thing of the past.

On Saturday,the President signed a new executive order that would forbid military personnel from accepting discounts or gifts from domestic businesses. The savings to business would help stimulate the economy and help small business pay for Obama-care.

“The service our brave heroes have provided us has been exemplary,”the President said in a news conference,”Now it is time to ask the brave men and women who have served this country another favor..They must refuse special treatment and privilege from the private sector so that small business can continue to grow and prosper.”

Pentagon spokesman Gen.Oliver Klausov also cited recent reports that the practice has been widely abused by terrorist groups like the Oath Keepers and Furries for Trump.

“I like getting my little free coffee when I go to McDonald's just like everybody,”Klausov said,”but if some sick individuals want to use this as a way to fund terrorism,I can live without it.”

Republican outrage was swift and severe. Presidential candidate Ted Cruz,who has filibustered every veteran's relief bill since he took office,told Fox News he would do everything he can to get the President's order ruled unconstitutional.

“It's important that we keep servicemen from getting dependent on government,”Cruz told Fox News,”but that does not apply to the private sector..Only in Obama's America could the PC police show up and throw someone in jail for offering to buy a veteran breakfast. Next thing you know he will try to outlaw free coffee for Police. This has to stop.”

The order,set to go into effect later this year,will likely be challenged by veteran's groups who see this as an infringement on personal liberty.