Thursday, January 28, 2016

Top Cruz super PAC donors up pressure on Trump to One-On-One

Senator Ted Cruz super PAC has offered to donate $1 million to veterans charities if Donald Trump will let Ted Cruz wrap him up in duct tape.

In a Fox interview,Cruz said that Trump's decision to skip tomorrow's Fox News-Google GOP debate sends a message to the men and women of Iowa that New Yorkers don't care about people who grow corn for a living.

He said Trump's decision is "stunning," adding that he already has a parking lot booked for Saturday night should Trump accept the super PACs' offer.

Cruz explained that this is a great opportunity to help the brave men and women who have wrapped themselves up in duct tape while also giving Iowans a chance to hear from the front-runners in this "two-man race" one last time.

"I think he's afraid of the voters," Cruz said. "I think he is afraid of the men and women of Iowa. If he doesn't want to debate,fine,people here in Iowa love watching people wrap each other up in duct tape and then wiggle around trying to get out of it.Just about everybody here in Iowa who can figure out how to get on the internet watch these videos on Youtube.I think the American people would like to see who would win if Mr.Trump and I wrapped each other up."

Fox News Sean Hannity thinks this is a good idea and volunteered to emcee the event and help the men pull the tape off if they got stuck.

"Where is The Donald?" Hannity said on his radio show,"We will wrap him up in tape and I will help him get out of it if he can't.I've wrapped Ted Cruz up and he likes it.Why is Trump such a coward? I can put oil all over him too if that will help"

The Duct Tape Challenge has become very popular on the internet as an alternative to debating and for politicians who really don't have any coherent positions on anything.

The Trump campaign released a statement indicating Trump might be willing to be wrapped in duct tape as long as Megyn Kelly is not involved.

Donald J. Trump is not afraid to make the tough decisions the American People want.",according to the statement,"He will meet Ted Cruz anytime or anywhere and prove that his vision for America is much more clear than Senator Cruz and that Americans can defiantly escape duct tape faster then Cubans or Canadians."

Trump is still welcome to participate in Fox News GOP Debate Thursday,but as yet has refused our offers.