Friday, December 25, 2015

WAR ON CHRISTMAS 2016? Obama Climate Plan Revives Talk of a 'Christmas Tax'

As temperatures across the country remain well above average for the Christmas weekend, President Obama plans to use what is seen as proof of global warming to mandate agreements made at the recent Paris Global Summit on Climate Change.

White House Climate and Ebola Czar,Jonathan Bernstein,announced this week a package of tax penalties that would include,some have calculated,what would amount to a 300% tax on holiday decorations including Christmas lights.

"The United States is leading World efforts to combat climate change.",Bernstein told Fox News,"It's been really warm this winter and it proves global warming is going to be a real nuisance.Decorations are pretty but do we really want to destroy the planet with Christmas lights?"

The tax would be collected in the form of a sales tax that reportedly would amount to an average 300% increase in the cost of the decorations.Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was furious about the announcement and called for Congress to act.

"We have to stop Obama from taking Christmas away from us.Nativity scenes outlawed and now this.",Huckabee said,"The American people can not afford this and will not accept it.A 300% markup on a 15 dollar string of Christmas lights would come to,I think,a lot more than 15 dollars.Probably,you know,around 40 dollars or something like that."

The President defended the new tax saying it would help fund climate change initiatives and fund the relocation of Syrian refugees to the U.S.

"It is essential that the American people demonstrate to the World Community that we are engaged and committed to fighting global warming.",Obama told a Thursday news conference,"Jesus didn't need a bunch of lights hanging around him at the manger,neither do we."

The tax was part of an initiative recommended at the Paris climate meetings and by the Bilderberg Group at a summit earlier this year.The tax,if the executive order isn't challenged,would go into effect next fall. #WARONCHRISTMAS