Thursday, December 24, 2015


Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson cancelled a scheduled trip to Israel, Kenya, Zambia, and Nigeria, he announced late Thursday night, citing security concerns.

Carson's senior advisers noted that there were "active, credible" threats made against Carson from the Islamist terror group Juggalos For Allah in Africa.

“We certainly weren’t going to endanger his life or anybody else’s life.’’,said Armstrong Whacker, a senior adviser."Dr.Carson is aware of dangers in Africa.He also likes watching that show 'Zoo' which doesn't help."

Juggalos For Allah is a radical Islamist group that has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. In Kenya, a different terrorist group, the Obamistan militants, have conducted deadly attacks that singled out people saying 'Merry Christmas'.

Dr. Carson’s itinerary had called for meetings with government officials in all three African countries; a celebration in Lusaka, Zambia, of the 18th anniversary of his separating the formerly conjoined Banda twins, one of the highlights of his renowned medical career; and, near Lagos, Nigeria, a visit to a medical school named for him.He was also scheduled to attend the grand opening of a water park. A group of journalists had been offered seats on Dr. Carson’s chartered plane for $120,250.

"It's classified information so I'm just going to say it's too dangerous," Carson told a press briefing in Iowa."The CIA knows about all the dangerous terrorists and animals in Africa and so do I.Be they Lions,be they Tigers,Be they,Bears,or snakes,or spiders,or other scary things.It's just too dangerous."

He brushed off questions about whether it would hurt his credentials on foreign policy, as well, saying that "I think it'll make me look smart to not go into some place where there's a lot of danger.Now keep in mind I am a manly man.I have been to Africa before and when a Lion attacked me I kicked him in the testicles.The animals know not to mess with a tough street kid like me.I just don't want to put my entourage through all that."

Carson is protected by the United States Secret Service and Jesus when he travels Such as on a visit recently to two Syrian refugee camps in Jordan where Carson concluded all Syrians were terrorists and very smelly.