Monday, October 26, 2015


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. "What a group of people," said 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump as he took the stage at the Jacksonville Landing Saturday for his campaign event.

Trump took the stage to a raucous applause as Twisted Sister's "We're Not Going to Take It" played. Trump discussed everything from his competitors to religion.

Trump spoke about how his experience with negotiation during his career. He said his experience will benefit Americans when it comes to negotiating with other countries.“Their leaders are ripping off our country," Trump said. "Every country is ripping us off. I've even heard reports that Mexicans are jumping out of windows during a hurricane and trying to fly to America.Can you believe that? All we need is a wall.I can build a wall.The wall will keep them out.It will keep storm surge and big waves out too.It will be great."

Supporters at the rally responded well to Trump and forced him pause while the crowd chanted his name.

Trump told the people in Jacksonville that now is not the time for a nice candidate. He said the American people want a president who gets things done.

“We don’t need nice, we need competent now,” Trump said."Bobby Jindal,he's a nice guy.he did a good job after Hurricane Katrina.President Bush even said so.He said,"Brownie,you are doing a heck of a job." He is.The brownies in Mexico are doing a good job.They could do better,we could do better.I am the one to deal with Mexicans and Hurricanes."

Trump talked for more than an hour to the thousands of people in attendance. He said his friends asked him how he speaks for so long without a teleprompter.

“Honestly it’s easy," Trump said. "It's because there is love in these audiences. People love me,I love them.Except Bobby Jindal,I've been very nice to him and he hates me.He is low energy but that brownie is doing a heck of a job.”

As the crowd began to thin, Trump wrapped up his event at the Jacksonville Landing with a promise.“I’m not going to promise you the world, but I’m going to make it better than anyone else could.”

Trump left the stage to applause and cheers of "Trump, Trump, Trump." He shook hands with supporters and greeted people as he walked off the stage.