Saturday, October 31, 2015

OPINION: Random Redneck says he will "hate Obummer forever no matter the cost".

We decided to pull a random redneck tea partier off FaceBook and see what he says about the Obama administration. And boy did he say a LOT ....
Random Redneck: ..."Shoot you wanna talk about Obummer? Where does I start? The breeakin of the constitootion? Maybe? All dem illegals he's bringin here ta take mah foodstamps an mah opptoonites. His black panthers scarin hard workin white folks. Dis here's Murkia an I done hand nuff a his muslim BS I tell ya. Now I know all dem "facts" libtards keep tryin ta check me on but I got nothing but laughin at that. Like I'll even read it? I mean, who reads "facts" when ya got a GUT ta think wit?
Jesus gave ya a GUT fer a RESON Libtards!!!!!
Obummercare: FAILURE. I seen the "facts" an I KNOW they made em up. How? I FEEL it in mah gut. They givin all that medicl care ta the ilegal muslims comin up from Mexico digused as Mexicans.
The Mid east FAILURE: We should just nuke the fuckin A-rabs an be done wit it. That's what Trumps gonna do. You see if he dont.
The wall on the boarder: FAILURE. Obummer ain't even STARTED the wall. Another one a his "campagin prominsses wasn't nothin but a lie ta make people think he didn't want the illgals here.
Fast an Furyus. Chem trails Benghazi!!
We had to cut out most of this morons 3 thousand word rant considering the fact that polling shows most of our "readers" don't read much past a few sentences. More reading tends to make them nod off in stupefied, drooling nappytime.
In fact. I'm certain 98% of you idiot sheep haven't read past "Obummercare" FAILURE" before deciding this man was your new hero, buying his tee shirt, and moving on to the next piece of sordid clickbait that catches your wondering eye and limited imagination.
What do YOU think?