Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Christian groups are already threatening protest after an as yet unreleased Chick-Fil-A commercial stirs controversy.

The ad,produced in a wave of commercial support for LGBT rights,shows an attractive female couple talking about the delicious chicken and reportedly ends with the couple kissing,and obvious nod to the recent Supreme Court Mandate that Gay Marriage be legal.

In the past,Chick-Fil-a had alienated the LGBT community by expressing their religious freedom and donating profits to pro-traditional family charities.The company now want to make amends with it's new ad campaign.

"I think the time of truths and principles are captured and codified in God’s word and I’m just personally committed to that,”said Dan Cathy,President of Chick-Fil-A, “I know others feel very different from that and I respect their opinion and I hope that they would be respectful of mine.If the gays want to get married and do their perversions I don't care.As long as they are eating our chicken while they do it,they are welcome here."

The new "Chicken don't care who you love,why should we?" ads will begin airing later this fall.The ads will coincide with two new menu items.Hipster loved Kale is the centerpiece of a new 80-calorie "Superfood Salad" that also includes broccolini and a maple vinaigrette, while bacon can be found on the chain's new Smokedpole BBQ Bacon Sandwich, which also features grilled chicken and cheese.Six test markets will also get a new stuffed baked potato,callled the "Glory To God Hole Baker", which is really more normcore than hipster LGBT. If the test goes well in these six markets, Chick Fil-A might bring these new menu items to its approximately 2,000 locations across the country.

Chick-Fil-A now joins such companies as Doritos,Target,and Campbell Soups in drawing the ire of Christian groups who have tailored LGBT ad campaigns in recent months.

Peter LaBarbera of the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality accused Cathy of "selling out" in an interview with the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer.He later told Fox News,"Well,at least it's a couple of women kissing. I guess that's not quite as gross as men doing it."