Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Atheist protesters trample Christian freedoms yet again!!

In shocking news today, a monument displaying the Ten Commandments outside of the Oklahoma Capitol building was removed, after months of angry protests by liberal atheist groups such as the Freedom From Christians Foundation and others. The monument is said to have been broken in half, then exploded into tiny fragments. A group of 30-40 Muslims was said to be witnessed celebrating nearby.

Pieces of the destroyed laws of GOD will reportedly be sold on Ebay, with proceeds going to Obamacare patient recovery funds.

Activist judges once again legislated from their benches, dealing out another blow to Christian freedoms in America. This comes just months after the same-sex marriage ruling, allowing gays and lesbains to wed - potentially crushing Christian liberty as we know it.

"I'm appalled and disgusted," one onlooker said, while holding up a copy of his Bible. "These atheist Muslims won't stop until every Christian is in jail for their beliefs."

This denouncement of religious liberties has not sat well with local officals, either. They are gathering the resources to put together a large-scale protest on the governor's lawn.