Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope To Offer Rainbow Doritos As Communion Wafers

Pope Francis could have lunch anywhere he likes in Washington on Thursday. He’s going to share it with homeless people. He might even offer them a special Communion.
The pontiff will take part in a luncheon held by Catholic Charities outside St. Patrick’s Church on G Street in the northwest section of the District, after addressing a joint meeting of Congress.
Erik Salmi, communications director for the Washington branch of Catholic Charities, said the pope is scheduled to make remarks at the meal and bless the food. Included will be 50 cases of multicolored 'Rainbow Doritos' ordered by The Vatican for the luncheon.
The brand, owned by Frito-Lay, manufactured rainbow-colored Doritos for those who donated to the It Gets Better Project, a nonprofit that assists LGBT youth.
“The Holy Father supports the bold lives of LGBT youth",Salmi told Fox News,"and he supports the fight against anti-gay terrorists in the United States just as Doritos does."
Homophobic terrorist organizations such as the Westboro Baptist Church,The Oath Keepers,and various Juggalo gangs have expressed outrage at Frito-Lay for producing the snack.
Stewart Rhodes,founder of The Oath Keepers said he plans to boycott the snacks and the Catholic Church."
"They been shoving this gay flag business down our throats for a long time.",Rhodes said,"Now we can't even watch a football game or go to Church without having something queer shoved down our throats.I'll just stick with my pork rinds."
Francis arrived in Washington on Tuesday for his first visit to the U.S. He met President Barack Obama in the Oval Office after being greeted at a White House ceremony Wednesday morning. He is scheduled to speak to Congress at 10 a.m. Thursday. He departs Washington for New York later Thursday.
In New York, where the pope is celebrating mass at Madison Square Garden on Friday, around 25,000 communion wafers will be distributed by 200 priests.It has not been announced whether the multicolored snacks will be offered there. #DoritosRainbow