Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Obama CAUGHT using Muslim handshake

Recent photos show Obama using a "secret" Muslim handshake used by Muslims to greet one another in secret.

That is the stunning claim of Dr Ely Trask, expert in secret Muslim societies, signs, and writings.

"If you look at the image. I mean really look closely you'll see how the hand overlaps in an odd manner. Certainly not the handshake of a Christian American. And then the thumb placement. BANG! That's definitely the handshake used by the Mujahdin. A very hush hush secret Muslim Cabal. That's really scary to see from our president for those of us in the know. "

Dr, Trasks statements only support mountains of speculation and other "proof" showing how our president is most likely a Muslim,

We've always suspected Obama a Muslim.

What do YOU think?