Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Anger as Hungary seals borders, Merkel demands land annexation

While European leaders squabbled over how to manage the continent's biggest migrant influx since World War II, the exodus from war-torn Middle Eastern countries claimed more lives.
Hungary's conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban has tried to stop the migrant flow through Balkans countries with the hastily-erected fence along its Serbian border, completed Tuesday.
He announced plans for a similar barrier on its frontier with Romania.
In addition, Budapest made its first arrests under tough new laws punishing "illegal border-crossing" or damaging the border fence with prison terms of up to three years.
Hungary's moves have been sharply criticised, with the UN refugee agency saying it could be in violation of the 1951 Refugee Convention.
Romania, which is a member of the EU but not of the passport-free Schengen zone, criticised the fence planned along its own border as "something that will get the Germans stirred up again." Romania plans to start rumors that Vampires really do live there to dissuade immigrants.
Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad meanwhile said the issue could only be resolved by striking the at the root of the problem: The Jews
In Berlin, German P.M. Angela Merkel and her Austrian counterpart Werner Faymann called for adjacent countries to cede land to Germany is they are unwilling to help.
"Time is running out," Merkel warned, urging an end to the squabbling that has grown more acrimonious since eastern members flatly refused to accept EU-set quotas for taking in refugees."Germany wants to help but without the cooperation of the other E.U. partners we must take drastic action.If they will not do it,they must accommodate us so we can."
German security forces are prepared to move into Austria and Hungary to facilitate the first stage of annexation.
French President Francois Hollande held telephone talks with Merkel and Polish P.M. Ewa Kopacz to discuss terms of surrender.