Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trump Doubles Down on Support of Hunter

New York (Fox News) Donald J. Trump issued a statement in support of the euthanasia of a man eating lion killed in Muslim Africa earlier this week.

Dr.Walter Palmer noted hunter and tea party activist killed the monster responsible for over 40 rumored deaths.It was known to locals as CECIL the LION.

An autopsy on the big cat showed it had high levels of THC the active chemical in marijuana,in it's blood.Dr.Motobu Kubooloo of the African National Dangerous Animals Association said it probably ate marijuana plants in the wild and became addicted to them.Marijuana is known to make lions violent and unpredictable,just as in humans.

"I think that lion was addicted to the pot",Kubooloo told Fox news,"thank God and Jesus for Dr.Palmer.He saved us all from that crazy beast."

Trump was criticized on Twitter by high profile liberals who think lions should be allowed to roam free and eat people.Trump shot back by countering his own sons were big game hunters and applauded the Doctor for his impressive kill.

Trump said he would pay and legal fees the doctor may incur fighting Obama's "gun grabbing state department regulations",Trump said,"when this is over,I'm taking him out for pizza with myself and Sarah Palin."

The doctor is also in hot water with the United Nations Agenda 21 Compliance Committee as international gun treaties forbid Americans from taking their weapons into other countries.

"Look,it's Africa,lions eat people over there.They aren't kitty cats.",Trump told Sean Hannity in a phone interview,"if it wasn't for Christian American hunters helping those Africans what would they do? Throw spears at the things?"

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