Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BREAKING: Oath Keepers Attack Ferguson Gay Bar

A heavily-armed team of right-wing terrorists carried out a complex attack on a nightclub in Ferguson Mo. sources confirmed Wednesday morning.The team were members of the 'Oath Keepers',a controversial anti-American group who wants to install Donald Trump Hotel as King of The United States.

The group of masked assailants arrived at the club’s front entrance in a bright red Chevy Suburban SUV, police officials said. Surveillance footage showed the truck bore several right-wing bumper stickers, including “Bush/Cheney 2004,” “nObama,” and the Gadsden Flag. The attackers exited the truck and immediately began firing at security personnel, who were quickly overwhelmed. Three of the men then entered the building, while the fourth stayed behind, ostensibly to guard the getaway vehicle.

Police confirmed there were no deaths, but 12 employees were taken to the hospital for stress related conditions. More than 30 were treated for smoke and alkyl nitrite (poppers) inhalation at the scene, although there may still be additional casualties.

According to police, the attackers stalked from office to office, shooting randomly at workers and staff. While they fired, they yelled typical right-wing slogans such as “Take our country back!” and “Die, Commies, Die!” Early analysis suggests that the assailants may have observed patrons of the club entering in military fatigues and believed it was some sort of gay sleeper cell massing to impose Sharia Law and Obama's gay agenda upon Americans.

The Grey Fox,a known watering hole for the gay and LGBT community holds a 'Military Night' once a week where patrons are encouraged to dress in military garb."The only thing I can figure",owner Justin Case told Fox News, "is these nuts must have thought we were real soldiers.Some of us were really terrified,others though it was a real turn on.Personally I wish they had stayed a while and had a few drinks."

The terrorists fired upon the innocent and unarmed gays for nearly 20 minutes before seeking out several higher-level employees. These employees included the manager and the cartoonist responsible for a drawing hung on the wall of the bar.It was a satiric image of Sarah Palin happily getting sodomized by Donald Trump.

Witnesses say the Oath Keepers entered the men's restroom and after observing several nude patrons huddled together in the corner appeared to get disgusted and leave.The gunmen later exchanged fire with two responding police officers, who were pinned and unable to pursue the Excursion.

"The group is still at large." ,County Executive Steve Stenger said,"residents are asked to avoid confronting these dangerous individuals if sighted, and instead, should notify police.We are especially concerned about beefing up security at local biker bars and monster truck rallies."

The St. Louis suburb has seen demonstrations for days marking the anniversary of the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, whose shooting death by a Ferguson police officer sparked a national Black Lives Matter movement.

Sam Andrews, who is heading up the the Oath Keeper operation in Ferguson MO spoke with Fox News by phone.

"I have nothing to say about the gay bar thing." Andrews said,"The Media wants to paint us as a bunch or racist,homophobic gun nuts.Nothing could be further from the truth.We just feel if the coloreds and the queers team up who knows what might happen?"

Sources said the White House planned to make a statement shortly. This article will be updated as the situation develops.

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