Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BREAKING-In Green Bay, thousands of Gays protest Packers’ name

GREEN BAY-At what was hailed by organizers as the largest-ever protest of the Green Bay Packers’ name, a group of LGBT activists stood outside Ray Nitschke Field. A man in the middle held up a sign painted in bold black letters: “RACIST.”

For more than an hour Tuesday, dozens of Green Bay Packers' fans on their way to a Packers' practice exhibition,shuffled past the voices of condemnation, some with their Packers’ caps stuffed in their pockets and their jerseys covered by zipped up jackets.

“Who are we?” the demonstrators yelled. “Not your mascots!”,and,"We aren't queer! We like beer!"

On a broad grassy patch behind them, a throng of LGBT Americans, students and other activists chanted, sang, banged drums,danced,kissed,put make up on each other and limp wristed their hands: “Change the Name Now” and “Stop Racism in the NFL.” Green Bay police put the estimated crowd at 35 to 40. Organizers estimated it at 50.

More than a dozen speakers from across the country addressed the noisy but peaceful gathering. They consider the Packers moniker deeply offensive,as it is abbreviated from the slang term 'Fudge Packers' with is an LGBT slur. Governor Scott Walker 2016 Presidential candidate and Koch Industries spokesperson has vowed never to change it.

"I believe the term 'Packers' actually honors Gays",Walker said of the controversy,"In Wisconsin,we honor and stand with the Gay and LGBT community,I mean,you know,not literally"